Introduction of the KC – RA program


Introduction of the KC – RA program

Implement the introduction of the Known Consignor (KC) program with Varius Global Zrt

Why is this good for you? / So, how would this benefit your company

Your sterile/secured goods can be loaded onto the plane immediately, bypassing the airport procedures. Cleared goods has priority even when you are dropping off the goods at the airport:

  • no waiting,
  • no unloading and loading in between, no damage to goods
  • is exempt from the security fee payable to the ground handler
  • deliver your products to the destination faster and cheaper than your competitors with non-sterile goods
  • means continuous savings, reduces the security risk, possible lack of inventory, no need to spend on sterilizing the goods to be transported on the plane

How do we come into the picture? / How do we come into play / What is that we can help you with

As a consultant, we participate in the process of obtaining the certificates. We develop the documentation system and procedures together. We provide assistance in official representation, and we help you upkeep the obtained rights long term by providing education required by law and the implementation of quality assurance inspections. Don’t want to be a KC but want to enjoy the benefits of a KC? Learn about our Regulated Agent (RA) program.

Who do we recommend it for?

For those manufacturing and logistics companies that do not have the opportunity, or it is not worth it to introduce the conditions necessary to obtain the KC program. (If this is your case, you can enter into a contract with a company … ) In his case, he enters into a contract with a company qualified as an “authorized agent” who is entitled to inspect and sterilize goods at his own premises or at the Client’s premises.

How is it possible? / What are the requirements

The customer provides the conditions for the inspection (entry permits, isolated area, etc.). Typically, security checks on goods are performed before assembly. The maintenance of the ‘inspected status’ is achieved by supervision during loading into the packaging and transport vehicle, after which it is necessary to protect the shipment until it is transported to the airport.

Why is this good for you?

  • Based on the above procedures, the goods can be carried in “secured” status at any EU airport, can be immediately loaded onto the plane, from a security point of view, the consignor is exempt from paying the security costs to the ground handler/airline,
  • in addition, the ability does not have to be maintained by the Principal, but is provided through the “regulated agent” performing the inspection.
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